Spring Equinox

20 Mar

It's the first day of spring, and on an Ashland neighorhood walk,  the trees in bloom sway in the breeze and I feel fresh.  My eyes take in the bright yellow daffodils, and I feel my body fill with light.  I feel the sun again.  A smile spreads across my face, and I breathe in deeply.   I remember--life is abundant.  I love this time of year when it is obvious the earth is waking up and new life emerges in plant growth and bird song.  I'm excited, it's a prime opportunity for new beginnings, new projects to take root, branch out and blossom. I can't wait for this season and all it will offer.  

As I launch this flower business, I am so curious about what will unfold. I feel scared and also have a really good feeling about this dream sprouting. Gotta go for the visions that continue to appear in my heart and mind's eye!

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