Flower Crown Parties Ashland

Flower Crown Parties Ashland

We host at the farm or come to your event site!

Special events such as birthday parties, graduations, and bridal showers are spaces to have a connecting social activity through a making crowns, wreaths, or bouquets.  

Wear flowers feel amazing!

Or special order a crown for a festival, birthday, rite of passage.  Or simply make any day a celebration.  Choose from flowers that stay "fresh" looking for days like lisianthus, strawflower to ephemeral  blooms.

Even if you don't consider yourself creative, the flowers as the material combined with your unique style of the moment, results in it's own form of masterpiece. We help make it a fun, non-intimidating experience.

This  a wonderful way to connect to the abundance and beauty of the earth,  each other and to our creativity.

 All materials provided, we look forward to your inquiries.  $150 minimum for flower crown parties.     

Call Melanie at 503.916.9576 or email waterleaffarm@gmail.com