Tobacco is a powerful, master plant used throughout the world in many traditions. Tobacco is grounding and sends out prayers up, protecting and can help us come into alignment. You can add it to your altar or when making prayers/intentions. Also, plants love tobacco offerings. I enjoy offering it to the trees in my backyard and for many plants on the land I grow flowers. You can sprinkle some before harvesting plants and as gifts of gratitude for the earth and plants existence. This striking tobacco from Sonora Mexico is called Papante and I originally got it from Native SEED search and have been growing it from saved seed in Oregon for 13 years. It can get to 10 feet and has gorgeous trumpet shaped pink flowers that many pollinators including hummingbirds love. This is dried for offerings and not cured properly for smoking. However, it can be smoked. Packaged in 2 muslin cotton bags.

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