Waterleaf Farm & Florist Design Studio


Growing and Arranging flowers to uplift your lives.

We are a small flower farm and florist design studio specializing in an array of exquisite, breathtaking blooms fresh from Mother Earth. We delight in providing lush flowers for ceremonies, weddings, events, homes, and businesses. Our farm hosts U-pick, community events and workshops to strengthen relationships with the earth and each other.

Our flowers nestle along Bear Creek in Ashland, Oregon where we are dedicated to sustainable agriculture, feeding pollinators and insects, and loving the land.

~Flowers. Nourish. The Soul.~


Our Story

Our Story Our Story
Our Story
My love of flowers began in childhood, with my mom’s arrangements filling every room of the house and for community events. She collected them from our backyard and neighbor’s, tuning me into the abundance and beauty of nature and community. My favorite childhood memories were playing barefoot in the summer amidst apple trees and bees and making daisy necklaces with friends in the open grassy yards and parks of the Pacific Northwest. Coming home to bountiful, healthy family meals with garden fresh produce, rose petals in salads, and my boisterous family around the table also brought great joy and comfort.

In my 20’s, my dedication to the environment, community, healthy food, and meaningful life work, led me to work in fresh food access starting farmers markets area in under-served neighborhoods in Los Angeles. I loved talking with the farmers about the land they cultivated and listening to cultural stories around crops they grew. I admired their earthiness and independent spirits. Several years later, after many travels around the world in Central America and Asia studying culture and agro-ecology and starting a MA in Leadership, Learning and Ecology, it was natural to drop out of the program and start an organic vegetable farming in Portland (sigh of relief as it felt like I arrived at my long sought after life purpose). I longed to live an integrated life in harmony with nature, serving people and the planet. Farming has brought so much to my life, as I attune to the seasons and cycles, witnessing and participating in growth and gifts of plants is truly magic. It brings me joy and gratitude to work with nature, and I am dedicated to growing healthy soil, feeding pollinators and insects and sharing this connection with other people.

My first farm venture was turning over multiple lawns for my CSA (community-supported agriculture) business (Backyard Bounty) in Portland, Oregon 2007. Many lawns consolidated into one special piece of land where we grew vegetables for 5 years (Rising Stone Farm). In 2014, flowers popped out at me, they seemed to say “grow more of me” and I happily took the call. The farm took a new name Waterleaf, as flowers began to share the stage with the veggies, not only being grown for pollintators, pest control and disease prevention but also for cut flower production.

A few years ago, Waterleaf Farm moved to Ashland, Oregon and lay fallow. After a few years deepening my relationship with myself and nature in the woods outside Ashland, making wreaths and herbal medicines from wild and garden plants, I am delighted to have found a new precious piece of land to focus on flower cultivation. My goal is to bring beauty to your lives and uplift your spirits by sharing the earth’s abundance through flowers. Beauty nourishes our soul and is also a way for me to show our gratitude for this precious life and the gifts of the earth.

My journey working with the earth has led me to fall in love with nature. I am passionate about doing my best to respect her, give back and living in a balanced way.

Our Philosophy
Our intention is to farm with nature, working alongside her, growing flowers from the roots (well-nourished soil) up.
  1. We practice a combination of permaculture, biodynamic, and bio-intensive techniques to cultivate healthy plants; maintaining a holistic perspective of the larger organism of the farm and the earth.
  2. Build healthy soils through cover cropping, composting, natural fertilizers, and mulching.  
  3. Try to harm as little life as possible.
Share the abundance.

We strive to keep a beginner's mind in our farming and flower arranging.

We see all life as sacred, and our intention is to listen to the plants and earth and respect their lives and what they can teach us.

Thank you for listening to some of my story and intentions. I look forward to connecting with you!

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  • 100 Eagle Mill Road, Ashland, OR, USA

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