I'm delighted to share these healing remedies from the magical realm of Flowers and Nature' Wisdom. Flower essences are the energy of a flower. They work vibrationally, and are subtle, safe medicine that have profound healing effects. We can liken this to the effect sound and music has on our bodies and souls. Flower essences help our well-being and affect mental, emotional, soul, and physical aspects or ourselves . They shed light on our patterns of imbalance and bring healing from nature's wisdom. Each essence was made in ceremony with the spirit of the plant. I'm deeply honored, humbled and elated to be in this process with the plants and so happy to offer them to you. These essences are made from wild and cultivated plants on our organic farm in Ashland, OR. Some are wildcrafted from other parts of Oregon, Northern California and Costa Rica. Each essence comes in a 1 ounce bottle which can last a long time as only 1-4 drops are needed. More coming spring 2023.