One - on- one sessions:
Experience love, relaxation, and radiance in your life. Find balance, clarity and joy as you are blessed up by the flower love.
In these sessions, fresh flowers are brushed and placed on the body and words or tones from the flowers are shared. Hands on touch is also included.
With the help of the generous plant spirits high frequencies, wash away what is no longer serving, tune up your nervous system and be reminded of your essential wholeness and beauty.
Flowers hold high frequencies infusing our cells with light. These healing sessions effect positive changes in emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical levels.

Weather permitting, held in the beauty of the enclosed flower sanctuary at the farm.

$90 (1 hour session). Please call 503.916.9576 to book a session.
Includes personalized flower essence bottle to take home and an optional photo of you adorned with the flowers.