Listening to the Flowers~Plant Spirit Connection

Stay tuned for Spring 2024 Offerings~

Amidst the hum of the bees and peaceful, uplifting energy of the plants and nature, learn how to listen to the flowers vibrational language.  

Taking time to slow down and BE in their presence is such joy and nourishment.  

Reset your nervous system and be filled with love, healing and joy.

Through meditations with the flowers, engaging all of our senses, tea ceremonies, medicine making, earth altar & mandala making, and crown making we will deepen with the spirit of the flowers.

You’ll come away from the series with greater skills in using your intuition, understanding how to create a container of reciprocal relationship with the plants.

Each month we will gather and commune and play at the farm or in the wilderness. All experiences will be guided. No prior experience necessary and experience is also welcome. Each workshop includes a take home goodie from the plant we are working with (flower essence, tincture/elixir,  or fresh or dried plant.)